From childhood I find my expression in movement, physical contact and dance. It not only makes me very happy, but I also experience wholeness and connectedness that makes me feel light. Following my wish to keep moving, I started doing yoga and then expanded this with shiatsu and the connected breathing.

In shiatsu, yoga and connected breathing I listen to what is going on, to get a feel for your world of experience to be able to support your path to peace, inner joy and fulfillment. It is an honor and a great satisfaction for me to be able to work with people on these layers of existence.

Since 2017 I regularly stay in Asharum Amonines, in the Belgian Ardennes. This retreat house invites me to come into the fullness of existence from a state of meditative rest. Hereby I would like to extend this invitation to you.


Yoga teacher, graduated in 2009 from the yoga training for Critical Alignment in Amsterdam

Zen shiatsu therapist, graduated in 2015 from the Zen Shiatsu Training in Amsterdam

Connected Respiration Supervisor, completed in 2016 at the shortened training for Connected Respiration in Roosendaal